Unlocking Your Properties Full Potential.

Optima Development takes the teams vision from concept to reality. Utilizing our trusted design and trade partners we are able to plan and execute efficiently and effectively.

Our Projects

Developing High Potential Spaces

Optima’s development team takes underutilized land and design, construct and develop a property that will bring maximum return to it’s partners and the community.
Develop Design Construct


Optima acquires land and works with third party buyers to identify the maximum potential of that property.


Optima works with architects and designers to maximize the functionality and profitability of the future space.


Optima hires trusted contracts trust a bid process to find the best partners to help bring the space to life.

Custom Projects


Not only do we develop, but we can build to suit! We offer construction services with our trusted contractors for commercial and residential properties in ND and MN. We are willing to take on any project and while we are a developer by name, we are builders by trade.

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Do you have an idea for a great project? Contact our development team and we will work with you to bring your vision to life.